What is halal food and why should you care?

If you visit London, then you must have noticed signs showing Halal meat restaurants or halal dining London . Unless you are a Muslim, you would never understand about Halal food and why should you care about it. Halal is an Arabic word which means “permissible” in Islamic law. It is a type of slaughter which is allowed in Islam. It requires slitting the throat of the animal swiftly using a sharp knife to ensure that animal doesn’t have to suffer from pain. Even though it is being done, the person doing it says a prayer to Allah and blesses the animal as a gesture for thanks. Halal is specific kind of killing in which animal blood is drained completely from the body while also ensuring that no other alive animal ever see another animal being slaughtered. According to different researches and studies done on Halal food, it has been found that this food has various health benefits. It is even more tastier as if you try best halal burger in London then it would tastier then no

Halal Food and Guide for Non-Muslims

Islam is one of the largest religion around the world and Muslims are living all around the world. Muslims believe in Allah and have a belief on prophets and Holy Quran. They have different regulations in their religion and one such is “Halal Food”. It is an Arabic world which means permitted or lawful. According to Islam and Quran, halal is a permission or engaged used of designated food. It is opposite to Haram and allowed as per the Islamic Law. These terms are applied universally and most of the Muslims follow Halal food only and this term is also used in relation to not only meat products but also personal care, food ingredients., contact materials, food products etc. there are several things that must be clear in the mind of a Muslim and that is to follow specific halal food only when it comes to having non-vegetarian. It is also a food type which must be free from any kind of prohibition such as consuming food during special days. Muslims love to eat strong and he

Qualities of a Good Restaurant

Visiting halal restaurants in London is indeed a day of happiness or an occasion wherein individuals are going along with family and friends to celebrate. While variety of restaurants is available within the city, no one would want to mess up everything by landing at a wrong place or a wrong restaurant. Considering the fact it is important to look for some qualities in the place, just to ensure that you take the right decision and opt for the best place to celebrate and eat. Food Well one of the major reasons any individual or bunch of individuals plan to visit a restaurant is the quality of food. Hence before opting for any place, it is advisable that you quickly review food of the place and find it if it is actually worth visiting or not. Hence food stands out as one of the major qualities which should never be ignored and be given prime consideration while making the choice. Ambience Ambience also plays an important role. I am sure none of us would want to

Street Food Made of Halal Meat

London has as many street food carts and cafes as exclusive restaurants. You can find delicious burgers, tacos, sandwiches, waffles and all kinds of street food in many of these cafes along with a halal friendly menu. We bring to you some of the most reviewed places in London serving a halal street food. Sambal Shiok An authentic fusion of Malaysian flavors and halal burgerLondon , Sambal Shiok serves mouthwatering street food with a twist of signature Sambal sauce. Situated in the Southbank Center Market, Sambal Shiok is one of the most loved places to eat for Muslims as all the food served here is halal. Café Caribbean Café Caribbean is a place where traditional Caribbean cuisine is served. Situated in the Old Spitafields Market, Café Caribbean used halal meat for all of the food preparations. Indian Street Kitchen Bringing Indian and Pakistani street food to the forefront with a twist, the Indian Street Kitchen is famous for its kebab rolls, burgers and to

Tasty Treats in London

Being the versatile place that it is, London has something tasty for everyone in its extensive menu. You can pamper your stomach with the best English breakfast in a traditional café or go crazy with street food from far off places at the food streets in London. You can find a number of food joints in nooks and corners of London ready to serve you with some of the best food preparations from all around the world. Continental Food As London is home to people from a variety of places, there are several continental restaurants in London where you can have a healthy lunch or a lavish dinner. You can find Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Mexican restaurants as well as South African restaurants London . These restaurants server bona fide dishes those are full of flavor. Street Food There are over 50 street food joints in London where you can satisfy your taste bud with mouthwatering street food. For the people with preferences such as halal meat, you can find the best ha

About Halal Meat and its Restaurants

Halal meat is one of the most common words which one would come across on the regular days. It is a form of meat which is consumed by Muslims and is of high demand in their community. Even though different types of meat are available, but people still prefer to pick up halal meat because of various reasons attached to it. Understanding halal meat Halal meat is a form of meat which has been slaughtered as per the Islamic law. During the process slaughter is performed on animal’s throat swiftly such that least pain and suffering is caused to him, and he is able to die conveniently. While slaughtering of the animal is performed, the person performing the act is required to say prayer to Allah and seek blessings for the animal. The butcher or the slaughterer also thanks God and animal for the food. During the process, it is important to ensure that complete blood drains out of the body of animal and the entire halal is not witnessed by other animal. If all such aspects are kept i

How to Choose the Best Halal Restaurant in London?

London has always been rich in culture and food, especially with the variety of food made available for the people of the country. The restaurant serves the best halal burger in London which customers feel the delight to taste and consume it. for individuals who have been looking forward to has the taste of best food in the country they must give a try to restaurants of the country. With variety of restaurants made available across the city, it is essential to choose the best one by following tips mentioned below. For individuals who have been searching for the best halal burgerplaces in London they must make sure to check the history and experience of the place. A restaurant with good long history is undoubtedly going to serve its customers with best food culture, ambience and variety. The best restaurants in the city shall serve you with an extensive menu, which means you will have vast variety to make the choice from. So, before you choose a restaurant, go ahead and hav